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December 2020

We are all products of our experiences. For me, before I began working in the digital marketing space, I spent 15 years in finance roles in the real estate and insurance industries. This experience trained me to approach business problems dispassionately and allow the data to do the talking. I was never wed to any particular strategy when it was launched. Instead, I relied on the results to guide the decision-making process and optimal allocation of resources.

I took this approach with me when I co-launched my first marketing agency. Let the data do the talking to optimize results. What I soon learned was that the data available was inadequate or inaccurate.

      • I could track website traffic but couldn’t attribute lead conversion to specific channels.
      • I could fix attribution problems on lead generation but couldn’t follow leads through the different lifecycle stages to closing.
      • I could fix lifecycle tracking but couldn’t easily assign revenue to a closing.
      • I could assign initial revenue to a closing but couldn’t update the lifetime value of the client.
      • These challenges made optimizing marketing campaigns difficult. I couldn’t make confident recommendations without a complete picture of how our efforts were impacting our clients’ economics. It was from that frustration that the idea from AMJ Solutions arose.

For marketing to be successful, its connection to a company’s finances must be seamless. And the bridge that forms the connection between marketing and finance is technology.

At AMJ Solutions we work with you to optimize your investment in marketing and sales. We do what we’re best at, so you can do what you’re best at, running the operations of your company.

Aaron Jacobstein - Founder, AMJ Solutions

Aaron Jacobstein

Aaron Jacobstein
AMJ Solutions

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Excellent experience and result!

Aaron and his team are super responsive and the work they have done for my business has been excellent. I highly recommend AMJ Solutions.

– Katherine M., Founder
Miller Law Group

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